0000087: [Bug] Stability: Crashed on occasion if there are too many calculated variables. (te-admin)
0000090: [Improvement] Store/Generate unique e-mail address. (te-admin)
0000091: [Improvement] Store static strings and numbers allowing concatenation during the script (te-admin)
0000092: [Improvement] Ability to process and store the result of mathematical calculations. (te-admin)
0000088: [Bug] An empty scenario causes an error. (te-admin)
0000089: [Improvement] Add ability to store current date and time. (te-admin)
0000093: [Improvement] Update EULA and add link within help menu (te-admin)
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0000086: [Improvement] Create Mechanism to script data management in Gherkin when manually executing. (te-admin)
0000074: [Bug] Gherkin Validation - Spaces in data fields cause validation warning. (te-admin)
0000085: [Improvement] Export Test Result to clipboard for publishing. (te-admin)
0000082: [Bug] PathTooLongException Error (te-admin)
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0000051: [New feature] Add ability to go to line number. (te-admin)
0000050: [Improvement] Improve the gherkin intellisense behavior. (te-admin)
0000048: [Improvement] Improve Error Checking and debug. (te-admin)
0000049: [Improvement] Comment/Comment Code in editor (te-admin)
0000046: [Improvement] Update test editor to improve behaviour (te-admin)
0000047: [Improvement] Improve version checking code to only show if version is lower. (te-admin)
0000044: [Bug] Typo in the Failed confirmation dialog (te-admin)
0000045: [Bug] Button text on edit step dialog is wrong. (te-admin)
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0000022: [New feature] Add tools support for Behat (te-admin)
0000039: [Improvement] Add Help Pages for PHP, Composer, etc to Wiki. (te-admin)
0000026: [New feature] Support ConEmu (te-admin)
0000038: [Bug] In Pickle portable, some machines can throw an error in the configuration loader. (te-admin)
0000037: [Improvement] Add support menu items to the help menu. (te-admin)
0000035: [Improvement] When executing a script, Allow the editing of a step in the step viewer (te-admin)
0000034: [Improvement] When executing a test script, show the next step in the step viewer. (te-admin)
0000036: [Improvement] When exporting a script to Excel, include the Pickle instruction comments (te-admin)
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0000017: [Improvement] As a user I want to be able to manage a folder structure of test scripts as a project. (te-admin)
0000021: [New feature] Add creation of Behat projects (te-admin)
0000020: [Improvement] Detect extended project types. (te-admin)
0000033: [New feature] As a user, I want to be able to create and manage a folder structure as a project (te-admin)
0000032: [Bug] Cancel button on New File dialog not working (te-admin)
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0000031: [New feature] Add anonymous usage tracking (te-admin)
0000019: [Improvement] Support Behat files types (XML, JSON, YML, PHP) in the editor, (te-admin)
0000024: [New feature] Add Find and replace functionality. (te-admin)
0000018: [Improvement] Support manual execution notes and instructions in Comments (te-admin)
0000023: [Improvement] Add spellchecker to comments entry. (te-admin)
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0000015: [Improvement] Improve look and feel of the test execution window and include Executed test steps display. (te-admin)
0000014: [Bug] When running in portable mode, the application will still attempt to upgrade. (te-admin)
0000016: [Bug] Test step in Execution window does not wrap. (te-admin)
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0000006: [New feature] As a user I want to be able export my test script to Excel so that I can execute the testing externally. (te-admin)
0000009: [Improvement] As a tester, if the step includes file locations or URL's, I want to be able to launch them. (te-admin)
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0000013: [Improvement] Create and test a portable version of the application (te-admin)
0000012: [Bug] Copy report HTML not working. (te-admin)
0000011: [Bug] If there are multiple scenarios and 1 or more do not have tags (not all), they are filtered out and never run (te-admin)
0000010: [Bug] Code sign application and installer to avoid security issues. (te-admin)
0000002: [Bug] HTML Test Report Display Issue (te-admin)
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Beta Bug Fix Release.
0000004: [New feature] As a user, my script files can be associated with Pickle (te-admin)
0000008: [Improvement] Update App Name to Pickle Test Suite (te-admin)
0000007: [New feature] As an application I should check for updates (te-admin)
0000005: [Bug] When closing a script tab with changes, user is not warned and changes are lost. (te-admin)
0000001: [Bug] Test Step timing incorrect in XLS Report (te-admin)
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0000040: [Bug] Bug Report : Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown. (te-admin)
0000041: [Bug] Bug Report: System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: '!!0[] System.Array.Empty()'. (te-admin)
0000042: [General] Add GDPR Privacy Statement (te-admin)
0000043: [Improvement] Capture all errors and allow for reporting (te-admin)
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Released 24-Jun-2018
0000057: [General] Update for battle of Azeroth (te-admin)
0000058: [Bug] Beta [80000] - DungStatus.lua:168: attempt to call global 'DungStatDBTooltip_Clear' (a nil value) (te-admin)
0000062: [Bug] Beta [80000] - Cannot find a library instance of "LibQTip-1.0". (te-admin)
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Released 24-Jun-2018
0000056: [General] Update for battle of Azeroth (te-admin)
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Released 24-Jun-2018
0000059: [Bug] Beta [80000] - attempt to call field 'EventManager' (a nil value) (te-admin)
0000055: [General] Update for battle of Azeroth (te-admin)
0000061: [Bug] Beta [80000] - Attempt to register unknown event "PARTY_MEMBERS_CHANGED" (te-admin)
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Released 24-Jun-2018
0000067: [Bug] Fix PlaySound issues. (te-admin)
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Released 24-Jun-2018
0000054: [General] Update for battle of Azeroth (te-admin)
0000060: [Bug] Beta [80000] - attempt to call global 'GetNumEquipmentSets' (a nil value) (te-admin)
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Released 24-Jun-2018
0000066: [Improvement] Add BfA dungeons, raids and world bosses (te-admin)
0000065: [Improvement] Add legion dungeons, rads and world bosses (te-admin)
0000064: [Improvement] Added unit test script to add-on (te-admin)
0000053: [General] Update for battle of Azeroth (te-admin)
0000052: [Bug] LFGShout-2.05.lua:805: Usage: PlaySound (te-admin)
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